Academic Support

Achieve better results with FREE Academic Writing Workshops and a range of Learning Skills Workshops that run throughout each session. 

The Academic Skills Development Program (ASDP)

As part of enhancing the Study Suport Program offered at the CSU Study Centres, the centres have introduced a comprehensive Academic Skills Development Program (ASDP) that focuses on enhancing student academic writing and learning skills.

The ASDP is designed to build and develop the skills needed for academic success at university. Each week the ASDP offers practical workshops that develop Academic Writing and Study Skills. Each workshop has a different focus and combined to create a comprehensive program that assists students’ in their transition to Higher Education at CSU. All new students are strongly encouraged to participate in the complete this free program.

Undertaken the ASDP will ensure that students are better able to tackle the types of activities and assessments that are commonly used within CSU degrees and increase the students’ chances of success and obtaining better grades.

Specifically, the ASDP consists of a series of connected weekly workshops on:

  • Academic writing skills including English grammar;
  • Information literacy;
  • Technology skills development (covering MS Word and PowerPoint, CSU Interact, as well as Turnitin);
  • Time management;
  • Study methodologies (note-taking and note-making);
  • Oral presentations;
  • Critical writing and thinking; and
  • Exam techniques.

The results from those participating in the ASDP have been shown to be significantly higher the more sessions that the students’ attend within the program. The following figure shows the Grade Point Average (out of a score of 7) obtained by students attending differing numbers of sessions within the program for the 201390 teaching session (November 2013 to February 2014). The high performance of the students who attended a majority of the program’s workshops speaks for itself.


Free One-On-One Appointments

The Study Support Coordinator is available to help you improve your academic writing skills. Free one-on-one sessions are tailored to your individual learning needs, giving you extra support to help you achieve the grades you hope for.

Team Teaching

Benefit from additional English language support within your academic classes. Specialist English language teachers join your academic subject teachers, to provide you with the comprehensive language and academic support you need to excel at CSU.

Successful Transition Enhanced by Peers (STEP)

The Successful Transition Enhanced by Peers (STEP) Leaders are a group of trained, friendly students who you'll meet during orientation. They'll keep in touch with you, offering support and advice throughout the academic year. If you have an issue the STEP team can’t help with, they'll be able to refer you to the support services that can.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

For some of the more challenging subjects on your degree program, extra academic support sessions (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are available to help you with problem-solving strategies. The majority of these sessions are run by successful senior students. Session leaders find alternative ways to help you understand the more difficult concepts from your course. Regular attenders of PASS are proven to achieve better results than those who don’t attend the sessions.

Celebrating Student Success

In 2013 around 40 students received the prestigious CSU Dean’s Award. This award is given to those students who achieve Distinction or High Distinction grades across all of their subjects in one or more sessions. To qualify, you must have completed at least four subjects. 

CSU Study Centres also celebrate and reward students whose academic performance is considered outstanding. In 2013 over 100 students received the Academic Achievement Award. The award is given to students who obtain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 6.0, or above, out of a maximum of 7 in any one session. To qualify, you must have studied a minimum of three subjects in that session.

CSU Study Centres students

Mary Geraldine Lora
Master of Professional Accounting Student

From: Philippines

Master of Professional Accounting

“I decided to study in Australia because I wanted to expand my horizons. Eduaction at the CSU Study Centres is excellent. I interact with people from other nationalities, the lecturers are patient and very supportive with the students.”