8 Top Tips for getting off to a great start at CSU Study Centres

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It’s the start of your new journey and the beginning of a new focus in your life… your degree at CSU and becoming one step closer to the career you want! The staff at CSU Study Centres are here to support you every step of the way, but it’s up to you to take control of your time to ensure you get the most out of your lessons and experience.

Here are our top 8 tips to help you get off to a great start at CSU Study Centres.

Attend everything during Orientation week

The great thing about Orientation week is that all new students are in the same boat, so everyone feels the same nerves and excitement. Meeting new people definitely helps students to settle in, so say hello to lots of people, they’ll be happy you did and you might meet some of your new best friends! There will also be lots of activities and things you can get involved with to help you get to know your new city, friends and staff which will make you feel much more at ease. For example, there will be sessions on academic preparation, finding casual work in Australia, tips on cooking and saving money.  There will also be fun activities, student performances and a welcome party which we highly recommend you attend, even if you only come for a while. These events are designed for you to meet more people, find out valuable information and have fun.

Make sure you’ve got the essentials

Note books, pens, a diary and a laptop if possible. It’s always a good idea to have something to write with and on during class. Keep your notes organised so that you can easily find them when you need during exam revision. 

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Ask questions

Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as you can during your first weeks. It can be scary, especially when English is not your first language but don’t worry; everyone feels the same and the staff completely understand. We will be more than happy to help answer your questions so that you feel completely informed with everything you need to know to kick-start your semester the right way.

Ask student mentors for tips

STEP leaders are students who have taken part in the Successful Transition Enhanced by Peers (STEP) program. They have been appointed their role after performing well in their studies and showing a willingness to help others. They are great people to talk to for friendly advice and any information you might need.

Free career workshops

Make the most of the career workshops that run throughout the semester. These workshops are designed to help you write your resume, give you tips on how to search for work in Australia, inform you of the legal aspects of working whilst on a student visa and help prepare you for your interviews.  During orientation you will be given a schedule of when these workshops will be running. You don’t need to book in advance, you can just turn up (and we definitely recommend you do!).

Get academic help from your peers

If you’re struggling with anything academic you can also attend Peer Assisted Support Sessions PASS sessions. These sessions are free and run by successful senior students and offer an alternative way for you to get to grips with some of the more difficult concepts you might learn in class.

Attend all your classes and be on time

Turning up to class and being on time should be your number 1 priority while you’re on a student visa as this is the purpose for your time in Australia. It’s also essential if you want to pass your first assignments with great marks. Not only will the teachers love you for it, but you’ll be so proud of yourself when you ace your exams!

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