Bachelor of Accounting

What is accounting?

Accounting is the process of keeping, reporting and analysing financial records.

Accountants are responsible for measuring a company or organisation’s financial health, providing timely statements on budgets, business transactions and tax returns to stakeholders. They are also responsible for monitoring an organisation’s financial operations and performance in order to help it run efficiently.

Studying a Bachelor of Accounting will prepare you for a career in the financial services industry.

Why study accounting?

Studying accounting will give you the right foundations on which to begin a career as an accountant. The benefits of studying an accounting degree are that you will gain the practical working knowledge needed to work in financial services role.

The expertise of qualified accountants are in demand across a majority of industries around the world, so there are many career paths you can choose. By gaining a degree in accounting, you will be qualified to enter a number of finance-related careers that reflect your area of interest, including:

  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Bookkeeper
  • Internal auditor
  • Business analyst


The Bachelor of Accounting is designed for students who want to gain a career-focused undergraduate degree that gives them a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical aspects of accounting. The Bachelor of Accounting at CSU balances concepts of accounting with the practical knowledge required by employers. The real-world experience you'll gain from your degree will make your CV of more interest to recruiters. Qualified accountants often hold important and highly paid roles, ranging from financial and management accountants to CEOs.

What's involved?

You'll be required to successfully complete 24 subjects to graduate with a Bachelor of Accounting degree from CSU, including 18 core subjects and six elective subjects. Modules cover a range of topics, including the legal, ethical, management and strategic aspects of accounting.

How much will it cost?

Find out the Bachelor of Accounting tuition fees

Where can I study accounting?

Sydney and Melbourne Study Centres.

Entry Requirement

Curious about the grades you'll need to enrol?

Find out more about our English language and academic entry requirements.

Industry Recognition

Both CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand accredit the Bachelor of Accounting. Graduates are eligible to enrol in CPA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand postgraduate programs.

Alternative pathway

Undergraduate students who cannot make direct entry into their chosen CSU degree should consider a Martin Diploma and Advanced Diploma.Please see page 37 for information on qualification pathways, or turn topage 40 for additional information about recognition of prior learning.

Recognition of Previous Study and Experience

At CSU Study Centres we value your existing qualifications and real-life experience. We don’t usually expect you to repeat subjects you have already passed at another university or college, or to study topics you have already mastered through work or other experience.

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If you need some help to meet the entry requirements for undergraduate study, the following pathway program allows you to gain credit towards a Bachelor of Accounting degree from CSU Study Centres.

You must successfully complete 24 subjects to graduate. This will include 11 core subjects, restricted electives (set A), two electives (set B) and eight unrestricted electives.

Course Structure

Core Subjects
ACC100 Accounting 1
ACC110 Accounting 2*
ACC200 Accounting Systems*
ACC210 Management Accounting*
ACC222 External Reporting*
ACC275 Professional Practice in Accounting*
ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting*
ACC322 Company Accounting*
ACC331 Auditing and Assurance Services*
ACC341 Accounting Theory*
ECO130 Business Economics
FIN211 Financial Management*
LAW110 Business Law
LAW220 Business Organisation Law*
LAW301 Taxation Law (Principal)*
MGT100 Organisations and Management
MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability and Culture
QBM117 Business Statistics


Students may undertake six unrestricted electives or choose electives for Joint Study purposes. An elective is any undergraduate subject offered at the CSU Study Centre. Students can enrol in these subjects provided they meet prerequisites and enrolment restrictions. Electives are required to bring a student's total number of subjects to 24 over the course of the three-year degree.

This course is also offered at CSU's campuses in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga.

*This subject has a perquisite and cannot be undertaken before its prerequisite subject is passed. Waivers can be granted in special circumstances.

Joint Study

A Joint Study is a prescribed set of subjects taken from two different discipline areas. Both disciplines studied will then be included on the test, e.g. Bachelor of Accounting/Marketing or Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing).

For a Joint Study within the Faculty of Business, Justice Studies and Behavioural Sciences, students must take an established sequence or a set of five subjects. Students must ensure that they take the necessary prerequisites or have the required assumed knowledge.

A student cannot claim more than one Joint Study.

Joint Studies are available within the Bachelor of Accounting, as well as any of the Bachelor of Business specialisations, such as human resource management, management or marketing and cover the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Online business technologies.