Master of Professional Accounting (16 subjects)

Who's it for?

The 16-subject Master of Professional Accounting is designed for students who progress from the Graduate Diploma of Accounting or the Graduate Diploma of Commerce. It gives students who don't have a bachelor's degree another route to a master's qualification.

What's involved?

Study a total of 16 subjects across two years, including four electives chosen from a set list. The Graduate Diploma of Accounting and Graduate Diploma of Commerce gives you eight subject's credit, which means you only have to study for one more year to qualify with the master's.

Why should you apply?

The course is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and CPA Australia. If you pass a set list of subjects, you may qualify for membership of each professional body.

How much will it cost?

Find out the Master of Professional Accounting 16 subjects tuition fees

Where can I study?

Sydney and Melbourne.

Industry Recognition

The CSU Study Centres Master of Professional Accounting is accredited by the:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA)
  • CPA Australia.

Career Options

The Master of Professional Accounting opens up a wide range of career opportunities within a range of organisations - across the commerce, industry, government and semi-government sectors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Undertake and evaluate the conceptual basis of accounting.
  • Understand, evaluate and apply the principles of current accounting practice.
  • Recognise and analyse the impact of the business environment on accounting theory and its application.
  • Understand and apply principles and analytical techniques from economics, commercial law, business communications and the accounting context.


If you gain entry to the master’s program via the Graduate Diploma of Accounting, you'll be awarded both the Graduate Diploma of Accounting and the Master of Professional Accounting qualifications.

If you gain entry via the Graduate Diploma of Commerce, you'll be awarded both the Graduate Diploma in Commerce and the Master of Professional Accounting.

When you graduate with a Master of Professional Accounting, you'll also meet the core knowledge requirements for the professional programs of both CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Course Structure

MPA subjects

  • 16 core subjects
  • 128 points
  • 4 electives
Core subjects
ACC544 Decision Support Tools
ACC566 Accounting Systems and Processes
ECO511 Economics for Business
ACC514 Financial Accounting
ACC539 Accounting Information Systems
LAW504 Business and Corporations Law
ACC515 Accounting and Finance
ACC567 Financial Accounting 2
LAW505 Taxation 1
ACC512 Management Accounting for Costs and Control
ACC518 Current Developments in Accounting Thought
ACC568 Auditing

ACC501 Business Accounting and Finance
ACG504 Communication in Business
HRM502 Human Resource Management
HRM514 International Human Resource Management
HRM528 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGT501 Management Theory and Practice
MGT540 Management of Change
MKT501 Marketing Management
MKT510 Customer Behaviour
MKT520 Managing Project and Service Innovation
MKT550 Global Marketing