Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

What is business marketing?

Business marketing involves building efficient marketing strategies and promotions for a business’ products or services.

Business marketers play a crucial role in the success of a business, using originality and initiative to communicate key messages through planned campaigns and activity, tracking success and managing relationships with sales.

To be successful in business marketing, you need to have good, clear communication skills and be able to attract the interest of potential customers. You may also need to give presentations to internal stakeholders and potential investors as part of your role.

Why study business marketing?

Marketing is a fast-growing industry that will allow you to use creativity to solve business issues. A business marketing degree will cover a lot of interesting topics that effect business performance and consumer behaviour, such as social studies, politics and communication. It is a versatile field that will prepare you for a wide variety of careers, from advertising and public relations, to strategy and research.

Business marketing is a very broad field, so there is plenty of opportunity to develop a good understanding of the subject and find an area that you want to specialise in. Gaining a degree will give you the skills and knowledge you need to excel in the areas of strategy development, innovation and international marketing.

The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is designed for students looking to gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in marketing management.

What's involved?

You'll study 24 subjects, including three core subjects, 12 specialisation subjects and nine elective subjects. At least four of your chosen electives must be business or business-related subjects.

How much will it cost?

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Where can I study business marketing?

Sydney and Melbourne Study Centres.

Entry Requirements

Curious about the grades you'll need to enrol?

Find out more about our English language and academic entry requirements.

Industry Recognition

The CSU Study Centres Bachelor of Business (HRM) degree is accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Career Options

  • Product/brand management
  • Marketing research
  • Sales
  • Advertising

Main Functions of a Marketing Manager

  • Market analysis
  • Marketing strategy and development
  • Marketing program development and implementation
  • New product development

Recognition of Previous Study and Experience

At CSU Study Centres we value your existing qualifications and real-life experience. We don’t usually expect you to repeat subjects you have already passed at another university or college, or to study topics you have already mastered through work or other experience.

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If you need some help to meet the entry requirements for undergraduate study, the following pathway program allows you to gain credit towards a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree from CSU Study Centres.

Course Structure#

Core Subjects
BUS110 Workplace Learning 1
BUS220 Workplace Learning 2
BUS370 Workplace Learning 3
QBM120 Business Statistics
MGT100 Organisations and Management
MGT211 Business Ethics: A Global Perspective
MKT110 Marketing and Society
MKT220 Consumer Behaviour
MKT230 Market Research
MKT260 International Marketing
MKT340 Strategic Marketing Management (Capstone Subject)*

Plus at least three (3) Restricted Electives (Set A) from#:
MKT235 Brand Management
MKT240 Market Analysis and Analytics
MKT310 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT335 Marketing of Services
MKT303 Social and Environmental Marketing
MKT350 Product Innovation Management

Plus at least two (2) Restricted Electives (Set B) from:
ACC100 Accounting 1
ECO130 Business Economics
ITC105 Communication and Information Management
LAW110 Business Law

# Not all subjects may be offered at CSU Study Centres.

* You may be required to study these subjects in distance education mode.

† Students will study either MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability and Culture or
MGT211 Business Ethics: A Global Perspective, but not both.

Unrestricted Electives

Students must choose eight electives either by:

  • Completing a Joint Study in another discipline area, which will be included on the testamur, and adding the number of electives needed to bring the total number of subjects to 24; or by
  • Selecting eight electives. An elective is any undergraduate subject offered by CSU, provided prerequisites and enrolment restrictions have been met.

Note that at least three electives must be business or business-related subjects.

Students must ensure that there are no more than 12 level one subjects in their degree. Students must also ensure that they complete a minimum of five level three subjects in their degree. The level of a subject is designated by the first digit in the subject code, e.g. MGT100 is a level one subject.