Bachelor of Business Studies

Who's it for?

The Bachelor of Business Studies is designed for students seeking a flexible, generalist business degree, with career aspirations in industry, business, the public sector or international organisations.

What's involved?

You'll study 24 subjects across three years. The core requirements for this degree are flexible so there is no prescribed course enrollment pattern. Two thirds of the subjects you choose must be from a business-based or business-related discipline.

Why should you apply?

The course offers a wide choice of subjects and lets you include qualifications from your previous higher education studies.

How much will it cost?

Find out the Bachelor of Business Studies tuition fees

Where can I study?

Sydney and Melbourne.

Entry Requirements

Curious about the grades you'll need to enrol?

Find out more about our English language and academic entry requirements.

Course Structure

  • 24 standard subjects
  • No more than 12 level-one subjects (The level of a subject is designated by the first digit in the subject code eg. ACC100 is a level one subject.)
  • At least two thirds of the 24 standard subjects in business-based or business-related discipline areas, including at least four subjects at level two and four subjects at level three
At least one indigenous subject from:
IKC101 Indigenous Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities
MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability and Culture

At least one strategic subject from:
ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting
MGT330 Business Strategy
MKT340 Strategic Marketing Management

You should consult your Course Coordinator before choosing your subjects, to find out whether courses are available and to make sure you meet the prerequisites. Core requirements for this program are flexible so there is no prescribed course enrolment pattern. We do recommend you complete Level 1 subjects before taking Level 2 subjects. Similarly, it is advisable to study Level 2 before progressing to Level 3.

Career Options

  • Business
  • Industry
  • The public sector
  • International organisations

Recognition of Previous Study and Experience

At CSU Study Centres we value your existing qualifications and real-life experience. We don’t usually expect you to repeat subjects you have already passed at another university or college, or to study topics you have already mastered through work or other experience.

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If you need some help to meet the entry requirements for undergraduate study, the following pathway program allows you to gain credit towards a Bachelor of Business Studies degree from CSU Study Centres.

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