Students experience live radio on CSU campus trip

CSU students on campus

As part of their visit to the CSU campus in Bathurst, CSU Study Centre Sydney students were given the opportunity to tour the student radio station.

Each November, students from CSU Study Centre Sydney take a break from their studies and travel to Bathurst to experience student life on the campus, see the specialist facilities and meet the students studying there. 2MCE, CSU's community radio station which has been broadcasting for over 40 years, allows students to get hands-on experience producing news and current affairs stories.

Along with exploring the local area, Sydney students from around the world were shown round the 2MCE studios to learn about radio production in Australia. The students were able to watch a live broadcast and learn about the history of the station, set up by staff and students in 1975. The students who work at the station have the unique opportunity to play an active role in day to day operations, developing key professional and communication skills along the way.

Station Manager at 2MCE, Michelle O’Connor said “It was a privilege for me to meet CSU international students and share this history of 2MCE and community radio with them.

“It was also fascinating for me to learn about radio in their home countries and to discuss the similarities and differences of radio from an international perspective.”

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