Student libraries

The librarian at CSU Brisbane helping some students at the campus

The Study Centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have brand new libraries to support student learning.

Features and services of our libraries:

  • Full access to the CSU online catalogue, journal databases, library resource guides and training & workshops
  • Self-check book kiosk – no queues to borrow books!
  • Library workshops run during Orientation Week and following weeks
  • Computer terminals to conduct online research and complete written work
  • Photocopiers and printers
  • State of the art study and research facilities
  • Access to all subject texts and reserve copies for 2 hour loan

Library opening hours

  • Brisbane: 8.30AM-5.00PM Monday to Friday
  • Melbourne: 8.30AM-8.00PM Monday to Friday
  • Sydney: 8.30AM-7.00PM Monday to Thursday, 8.30AM-6.00PM Friday

The Sydney & Melbourne campuses will also be open on Saturdays during the CSU exam periods.


How do I renew my loans?

  • In person at the library
  • Online (click on Sign in at the top right hand corner)
  • OR ring the library phone number (below) and renew over the phone

How do I get help searching Business & IT databases and finding information?

  • Ask the librarian and attend advertised library workshops

Can I borrow from other university libraries?

  • In Sydney students can borrow from other University libraries through ULANZ Program (Universities of Australia & New Zealand), including UNSW, University of Sydney, UTS and other universities. Show CSU student card and pay $50 fee membership.
  • In Melbourne students can borrow from any other University libraries through CAUL. Just collect a form from the Melbourne library

What library fines are applicable and how do I pay them? 

  • Return or renew the book by the due date and you will not get any library fines. Otherwise 50 cents per day per item after due date will be charged. There is also a fine of $5.00 per day for recalled items
  • Library fines can be checked online or on the self-check book kiosk. Any library fines must be paid directly to Finance in Student Services

What happens if I lose a book? 

  • If a student loses a book, a library fine of $180 will be charged to cover replacement cost of book and administration fees
  • Damaged books will also incur a fine

Contact Details 

  • Sydney Library
    Ph: 02 9291 9315
    Students can access more information about the Study Group library on Interact2, as well as download subject textbooks lists with e-books links.

CSU student testimonial

Alisa Belova
MBA Student

From: Russia

MBA (Human Resource Management)

“As a student, one of the most important elements that makes CSU education superior are the inspiring lecturers who everyday guide us and teach us with commitment and passion. They encourage me to think beyond the limits and believe in myself.”