Leadership Programs

CSU Study Centres student

Charles Sturt Study Centres run a range of programs offering students the chance to develop their leadership skills. 

Student Representative Committee (SRC)

Providing a ‘voice’ for the students, in meetings with senior management and committees, the SRC’s main aim is to build and maintain the student community within the Charles Sturt Study Centres. 

Students are nominated and voted onto the SRC by their fellow students. SRC members represent the Charles Sturt Study Centres at campus activities and events such as:

  • Orientation Day
  • Sydney walking tours
  • Welcome lunches
  • Australia Day BBQ
  • International Food Day
  • Themed movie nights
  • Game nights
  • End of semester parties
  • Monthly student birthdays.

Successful Transition Enhanced by Peers (STEP) Leaders

Senior students who are successful in their studies can take part in a scheme known as STEP. Providing information, support and friendly advice to other students throughout each study session, STEP Leaders help their peers settle into university life and succeed in their studies.

STRIVE Program

CSU Strive Logo

STRIVE – is a Charles Sturt University recently developed Student Leadership Program in which students undertake 10 modules of varying self-improvement and leadership techniques at a self-guided pace, and is available to all Charles Sturt Study Centre students. It aims to give people who already find themselves in student leadership positions such as SRC, PASS, STEP, DSS and Student Senate with tools they can utilise within their position to better the lives of not only themselves but the people their position touches. More information is available here.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leaders

PASS Leaders run voluntary, informal sessions every week, giving students a chance to talk about ideas and concepts relating to their studies. Students who attend have the chance to discuss course materials, develop their organisational skills and prepare for exams, in a friendly and supportive environment. PASS Leaders are students who have successfully completed the subject relating to the sessions they run.

Why become a PASS Leader?

  • For a chance to earn money by helping other students
  • To improve your facilitation and communication skills
  • To deepen your own understanding of course content.

Students who make a significant contribution to the student community through our leadership program are rewarded with invitations to special events, such as the annual Gala Night celebrating the success of the Charles Sturt University community. They also receive a ‘Certificate of Leadership’, which is a valuable addition to any resumé.

Peer Discipline Supported Leaders (DSL)

DSL are high-achieving students (usually having distinction level Grade Point Average scores) who volunteer to make themselves available to support their peers. By meeting and assisting a variety of students, the DSL are building their problem solving skills, enhancing their communication skills, and demonstrating their leadership abilities. At the same time, the whole student body benefits by having a range of experienced and dedicated students to support them in their studies.

CSU Study Centres student

Discipline Support Leader


Discipline Support Leader/Master of Commerce student

“I am a CSU Disciple Support Leader. My mission is to help other students to get excellent grades in their subjects. We are here to encourage our peers and motivate them when they need support with their studies. In CSU, we are a tight family and we help each other ”.