Graduates at Charles Sturt University

Student ambassador program

As a student ambassador at Charles Sturt University Study Centres you can develop your leadership skills through a range of activities, representing the Study Centres and connecting with current and future students. 

How can you get involved?

Focused on a theme – The Future of You – being a student ambassador is your chance to reflect on your journey from arriving at the Study Centres to your aspirations for the future. Whether you want to practice presenting at an event, share your experience through blogs and vlogs, or make professional connections, you can choose. There are so many ways to get involved and build your resumé.

Why become a student ambassador?

  • Be the face of Charles Sturt University Study Centres.
  • Impress future employers by dedicating time to develop your skills outside of studying.
  • Gain a certificate for your resumé.
  • Develop your leadership and presentation skills.
  • Take part in events.
  • Make new friends.
  • Earn points towards becoming the Ambassador of the Year.
  • Build your network. 

Example activities 

Types of activities you might complete as a student ambassador are listed below.

  • Participating in photo and video shoots for promoting the Study Centres to future students.
  • Joining webinars to share your experience with future students.
  • Giving talks at events or seminars.
  • Representing with us at university fairs. 
  • Writing blogs about your experience for the Charles Sturt University Study Centres blog.
  • Posting on our social media channels.
  • Vlogging about your university experience. 

Become a leader in your field

Dedicated students who join our ambassador program are preparing to become leaders in their future career. As part of this program, our supportive staff provide mentoring and training to help you develop your professional skills and grow your confidence so you can be effective in your role as a student ambassador. 

We host three reunion events every year for our ambassadors, which focus on themes of personal branding, mentorship and networking for success. 

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