Career benefits of studying abroad

07 April 2021
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In addition to many educational and personal benefits, studying abroad also comes with a number of career benefits. If you decide to pursue your higher education in Australia, you will acquire a wealth of experiences and skills that employers from all around the world will support and recognise. If you’re wondering why you should study abroad, advantages include making great professional connections, developing your English language proficiency, and improving your interpersonal skills.

Professional networking

When questioning why you should study abroad, one of the main answers is that it’s an opportunity to develop your career prospects by forming lifelong professional connections. Meeting colleagues from around the world will allow you to establish a global network of contacts. On a daily basis, you’ll interact with fellow students, academics, guest speakers and industry professionals. Making the most of these interactions and other networking opportunities will help you to make contacts that will prove beneficial, both while you’re studying and after graduation. Many students secure their first jobs as a result of the contacts they made while studying for their degrees.

Improve your English language proficiency

Studying in Australia is a great way to improve your English language proficiency. Your studies at the Charles Sturt University Study Centres will comprise of both academic study skills and English language, allowing you to gain confidence using the language every day in academic and social settings. You will mix with Australians and other international students like you, allowing you to practice conversational as well as academic English, which is one of the main benefits of studying abroad. Strong English language skills will open up many career opportunities after you graduate, as you’ll be well equipped to work in many countries around the world.

Employers value communication skills

Perhaps the most valuable career benefit of studying abroad is the enhancement of your communication skills. During your time abroad, your contact with peers and academics will allow you to practice communicating effectively in many ways such as speaking, writing, collaborating, and presenting.

Studying abroad provides a great opportunity to spend a sustained amount of time speaking in a second language. Immersing yourself in a new culture means that you will move beyond the basics and will pick up and become familiar with idioms, accents, and colloquialisms. When employers are interviewing candidates, many favour those who speak more than one language.

While studying abroad, you’re likely to spend a lot of time with people from a range of different nationalities and backgrounds. You’ll learn about other world views and collaborate with people who have different ideas to you. This exposure will also enhance your cultural sensitivity and communication skills.

Increase your confidence

Studying abroad is likely to increase your confidence and will provide a boost to your personal development. Living in a different country and immersing yourself in new experiences will teach you a lot about yourself. Self-awareness is increasingly becoming an important trait for employers looking for new team members. Studying abroad will provide you with an opportunity to discover yourself and build upon what you learn. Rather than following one worldview or method of practice, your increased awareness will help you take a more well-rounded, open-minded approach to life and work.

Project management and problem-solving

Studying your degree abroad requires high levels of organisational, time-management and problem-solving skills. Not only will you be starting a rigorous – albeit exciting – new educational challenge, you will also be adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, culture and group of people. In navigating your new home, you will become used to new coursework, currency and international transport. This wealth of new experiences will help to develop your ability to think critically and plan logically. These project management skills are highly valued by employers around the world and will increase your employability after you graduate.

A global outlook

Living and studying in a new country, perhaps in a very different part of the world from what you’re used to, will allow you to gain a larger world perspective. This ability is critical to many businesses in the modern world. When looking for job opportunities after studying aboard, you’ll find that an international graduate is all the more attractive during interviews. The continued growth of globalism now makes cultural knowledge a critical skill in many industries.

Advance your career with Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Australia is a top destination for international students – the university system is ranked in the world top 10 (Universitas 21 2017). With its strong reputation for higher education and plenty of work experience opportunities, studying a degree in this diverse and exciting country will kick start your career. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Charles Sturt University Study Centres are designed in partnership with academic and industry professionals, ensuring that you will obtain an internationally recognised qualification that is also relevant to the real world.

Whether you plan to continue travelling or return to your home country after graduation, gaining a globally respected qualification from an esteemed university in Australia will help you stand out to employers. Charles Sturt University Study Centres offer career-centred programs and tailored support services that help to prepare students for the world of work. You can choose from a range of courses in accounting, business and information technology.

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