‘Lessons learned in and outside the classroom will forever remain with me’: Yanie’s story

13 July 2020
Students throwing graduation caps

Yanie is a recent postgraduate student at Charles Sturt University Study Centres and one of our ambassadors. She graduated at the end of last year and has recently shared with us her story of 750 days in Sydney.

Yanie's story

Moving to another country to pursue my postgraduate studies was an enormous leap of faith. I bravely left the comfort of my home and the warmth of family and friends. Obviously, I did not want that sacrifice to be in vain. I had to ensure that I fulfil what I came to Australia for - to get the best education possible. As my mother would always claim, it is our ticket to a better life. Keeping that in mind, I did a lot of research following my non-negotiables – budget, location, and quality. Luckily, I found Charles Sturt University Study Centres, Sydney and that fit all the criteria.

The University takes pride in its academics, support system, and reputation of their graduates in the field of accounting, business, and information technology. Was this too good to be true? Well, as they all say, “Don’t knock it, ‘til you try it”. Now that I am here, I must say that the claims are in fact as they say, and more.

The academics

A good educator does not impose ideas to students, rather allows them to criticise existing ones and explore new and better ways of thinking. I must say that this is the common denominator of most professors in the University. Whether it is a discussion about an abstract concept or a proven technical theory, they make it a point to ask the students input and to challenge the presented facts.

The support system

Knowing that the main student population is from different corners of the world, the University created a powerhouse to ensure that everyone gets the well-rounded experience they deserved. From arranging timetables, flexible tuition fee payment options, academic assistance, mental health checks, career programs, student engagement, and fun cultural activities – the amazing staff make it all possible.

The graduates

In all the Charles Sturt University social events I have attended, all the graduates are grateful for the education that they received as it prepared them for the real world. Most of them work for top tier companies and some even started their own businesses. From what I have observed, Charles Sturt University Study Centres produces talents full of grit, unwavering determination, and fiery passion. I strive to emulate the same set of characteristics to make my Alma Mater [university] proud.

The 2,745 miles voyage away from home was definitely worth it. My almost two-year journey with the Study Centres officially concluded on the 10th of December 2019 yet the lessons learned in and outside of the classroom will forever remain with me. Thank you to this humble University and most importantly, to my parents - “Mum and Dad, I’m not quite close but getting there. I can feel it.”

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