My hoodie, my home: Supratik’s story

01 June 2020
The city of Brisbane

Supratik is currently studying for a Master of Information Technology at Charles Sturt University Study Centres, Brisbane. He shares what makes him feel at home while he’s studying away from his family home in India.

My favourite hoodie

It was winter of 2016. I love rainy, and winter seasons, and the weather was getting colder, so I wanted to buy some warm clothes. As always, I put on my headset, took my bike out and went to the mall with my mum. At the mall I saw this awesome black hoodie and took it for a trial and, boom, it fitted me perfectly! Black has always been my colour. I then checked the price and got a bit disappointed as it was a bit too high. My mum, seeing my excitement, didn’t want to disappoint me and told me I could take it. I couldn’t wait to wear it to college the next day.

In the morning, when I woke up, I was confused about what to wear so that my hoodie would match, but as it was black in colour it was good with any jeans or t-shirt I have. As usual, I put on my headset, took out my bike and started to drive to college. The weather was perfectly fine for what I was wearing, and I was really excited to see my friends’ reaction.

When I reached college, I was kind of showing off a bit, and then my friends started to notice my new hoodie and asked about it. They liked it, which made me happier. After that, I wore it the whole winter and whenever the weather was cold.

Happy memories

This one thing has been with me for my whole undergraduate studies, and it has all the memories connected to it. It has been with me during happy days when I used to have practice sessions for my festival, and when I used to dance and enjoy myself. It has the memory of hard times during the last semester of my undergraduate degree.

After my undergraduate studies, it was still in good condition, even the colour didn’t fade. Then when I started working, I wore it at my workplace whenever possible. I had a really good time working in that organisation. I made a lot of new friends, so I also have the memories of those days.

Moving to Australia

After a few months of working, I decided to come to Australia for my master's degree. As this one hoodie has been with me for so long, I couldn’t leave it behind, and even though its colour has faded a bit, I still kept it and brought it here.

As you know, being away from home for the first time is hard for anyone, you are out of your comfort zone, you miss family, friends and feel homesick. Those were the times I wanted to have those memories back. When I had a hard time, I used to wear my hoodie and go for a walk to make myself feel the good times I had. This is one thing which made me feel at home.

The nights I slept with it on were the nights I slept peacefully.

I feel my Mom’s love.
I feel my sister's love.
I feel home.
This is the one thing which made my life feel comfortable here.

Supratik is writing for us as one of our student ambassadors while he’s studying with us. If you’re interested in studying for a bachelor’s or master’s with an Australian university, find out more about the Study Centres.

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