‘My journey as an MBA student': Muhammad from Pakistan

07 July 2020
Three international students in a classroom

Muhammad is from Pakistan and studied the Master of Business Administration at Charles Sturt University Study Centres, Sydney. He shares his experience of his course, his teachers and the support available during his degree. Read Muhammad’s story below. 

The Charles Sturt experience

The "Charles Sturt experience" is a term I coined in my second semester because studying at Charles Sturt University Study Centres is more than formal education; it is developing you, it is fun, and hence it is an experience. In the following paragraphs, I will retrace my journey as an MBA student and how Charles Sturt made it unique.

Learning is practical

Firstly, all the learning is practical and applicable. What you learn in a class all translates into discernible skills you take in the workplace. Looking back, one of my favourite assessments was a forex report of the Great Britain Pound (GBP) and the United States Dollar (USD). What made this enjoyable in October 2019 was the trade war and Brexit, and this gave us a chance to analyse how the theory works in real life. What I got out of the assessment was how to implement different models in one analysis and how to be critical in your review.

Exceptional lecturers

Second are the teachers. They are one of the most exceptional teams of lecturers I have come across. They impart knowledge, but leave room to ponder, they push for excellence without pressuring, and all with a smile on their face. 

Gana was Business Course Coordinator, and his philosophy was "students first." He implemented it every day, from emails to calls, and even seeing us with appointments. While always pushing us to grow, during the above event where I won the academic achievement award, he said, "Aim for the dean's award next year."

I won, and he stood next to me and said, "I knew you could win it." 

Another amazing professor was Suzanna, and she loved to promote independent thinking. So, her go-to question at the end of every subject was, "what did you learn, or what are you going to apply from this subject ?" Everyone hated the question but that line actually summed up the whole subject in a few thoughts.

Sheer diversity

Another aspect that I love about the Study Centres is the sheer diversity, students from different walks of life with divergent thinking and experiences. Just chatting with the person sitting next to you can open your eyes to a whole new world. Working with such diversity on a team was one of my most unforgettable experiences.

For example, my sustainability project team came from Pakistan (me), India, Vietnam and the Philippines. We came across three disciplines, Finance (me), Marketing and Psychology. We changed one heading for a particular slide in our presentation more than 20 times, spent countless hours trying to agree on some of our ideas as we generated too many. Still, the quality of work was flawless, and we had fun while doing it. We ended up calling ourselves "Team Prime."

Help will always be given

The last facet to the Charles Sturt experience is its support network. In Harry Potter Dumbledore said, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts," and I change that to ‘Charles Sturt University Study Centres’. There are several student bodies, and being a part of most of them, I can attest to that. Leadership programs like PASS and DSL help with education, the student council helps with the events, and mentors are here to listen and give advice. 

Growing as a person

I have tried to paint a picture of what I call the Charles Sturt experience, but there are so many facets still left unexplored. Though, I am not implying the journey is easy, every aspect of Charles Sturt University Study Centres adds to the journey and helps you grow as a person.

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