Reasons to study abroad

27 January 2021
Students sitting around table on CSU campus on a sunny day

There are so many reasons to study abroad, from seeking out the best education possible and building skills for your future career, to experiencing a different culture and making new friends. It is an exciting opportunity to push yourself and get to know the world a little better.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad in Australia gives you a range of opportunities and experiences, from exploring new places to meeting people and building career skills.

1. See the world

Studying in a different country is a fantastic way to experience a new culture from within. Living somewhere and immersing yourself in daily life gives you an insight into its people, food, traditions and history. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are three of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world. And it’s not just the city you’re moving to that you will get to explore – you can visit other parts of Australia in your holidays to make the most of your time in a new part of the world.

2. Fast-track your education

Broadening your choice of universities means you can pick from the very best. Australian universities are world-renowned for the quality of education they offer, and Charles Sturt University is no exception. Studying abroad means you will experience different models of teaching and learn things you might not at home.

3. Develop your language skills

There is no better way to learn English than to immerse yourself in it – and not just in the classroom. Studying in Australia, an English-speaking country, you will be surrounded by the language and discover new phrases all the time. Interacting with native speakers is the best way to learn and having your degree taught in English means you will speak it every day.

4. Find new interests and make new friends

Living abroad, all the new things you’ll experience and the people you meet will expand your interests. You will discover new hobbies as you explore a different place with new people – some of whom will become lifelong friends. You will never be short of things to do in Australia, from surfing on its beautiful beaches, to trying delicious international food all over its cities.

5. Build skills for your future career

Another benefit of studying abroad is the skills you learn along the way. Graduates who have studied abroad are always in demand because of their obvious ambition, as well as
communication skills and confidence they gain in their time away from home. It’s a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd when you start your chosen career.

Personal benefits of studying abroad

There are many different skills you will pick up during your time abroad, all of which will help you at university and beyond.

Become more independent

Moving to a new country, adapting to another way of life, and taking responsibility for your studies are all ways to nurture your independence. Being adventurous and self-sufficient will always help you in life.

Build confidence

Self-belief is key when you are meeting new people, applying for jobs, or getting ready to take the next step in life. Knowing that you have studied abroad – and overcome the challenges that come with it – will help build your confidence.

Enhance your critical thinking skills

Living and learning in a new country will open your eyes to new perspectives and teach you to think critically from different angles. This will not only be a useful tool academically, but also in life more generally.

Practise open-mindedness

Living somewhere new will expose you to new ideas and teach you that everywhere does things differently. There is often more than one ‘right’ way, and being open minded will help you in the future.

Conquer your fears

Moving to a new country is an amazing opportunity, but it’s also a challenge. Moving away from home can be tricky but it will be worth it for the experiences you will gain and the skills you will build. You will be proud of yourself for taking such a big step, as if you can study abroad, you can do anything!

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