Reasons to study data science

23 September 2020
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If you’re wondering why choose data science as a degree – and potential career path – read our blog to explore this emerging field. We break down the best parts of being a data scientist (like highly paid careers and plenty of job opportunities) alongside explaining how you can qualify in Australia. 

What is data science?

Data science is one of the fastest growing fields of information technology. It uses scientific methods, algorithms and systems analysis to understand large data sets and help predict business trends. This interdisciplinary field requires skills in mathematics, statistics and computer science, as well as an ability to visually present this data to stakeholders.

Why study data science?

There are many benefits of studying data science, including exciting career paths and the opportunity to influence high-level decision-making. 

Advantages of learning data science include: 

1. Flexible career options

Our society relies on computers, and businesses use this to collect large amounts of data that informs their decisions. As a result, data science professionals are required to support a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail and government. You could even work as a consultant or start your own business. 

One of our Master of Information Technology graduates, Mojtaba, now owns his own innovative tax platform company. He talks about his career success and tips for starting your own business on our blog

2. Big data is everywhere 

Big data is everywhere and almost every company requires a team of experts to help them analyse information and predict user behaviour. This growth is set to continue and data science professionals will be critical to navigating the future. According to Australian government data, data scientist jobs are projected to grow 12.9% between 2019 and 2024 (LMIP, ICT Business and Systems Analysts).   

3. High earning potential 

Working in the field of data science can offer high salaries due to the growing job market and specialist skills required. According to Australian employment marketplace SEEK, the most common annual salary in Australia for a data scientist ranges from $120,000 to $140,000. Plus, the World Economic Forum expects data analysts to be in the top ten ‘in-demand’ jobs this year.

4. Make data-driven decisions

Insight is everything. You’ll apply your knowledge at a strategic level to help organisations make decisions and stay ahead of future trends. Using data mining and data visualisation you’ll analyse information about consumers to drive marketing or business strategy. 

Why study data science at Charles Sturt University?

Located in Australia, Charles Sturt University offers practical degrees focused on developing skills needed in industry. It’s no wonder Charles Sturt has the highest graduate employment in Australia (QILT, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019/20). The Study Centres are based in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and are proud to see successful graduates off on their professional careers every year. 

Understand the power of data

During your course you’ll gain an advanced understanding of data mining, knowledge engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These exciting fields are the future and will only continue to grow. 

Gain practical experience

You’ll learn how to extract value from masses of data to inform business decisions. Studying at the Study Centres, you’ll study a mixture of core and elective modules to tailor your learning to your interests. Study anything from Data and Knowledge Engineering to Data Visualisation to Digital Forensics.

Learn from industry experts

Charles Sturt University has 25 years experience working with international education experts Study Group to deliver industry-focused courses at the Study Centres. You’ll be taught by leading academics and staff who have extensive experience in their industry. Many of our IT academics have worked professionally in research science, research engineering and systems analysis.

How to study data science in Australia

If you are looking to study a data science degree in Australia, you can choose a general IT course with a specialisation in data science. If you already have a first degree, Charles Sturt University Study Centres offers a choice of data science master’s programs.

The Master of IT (12 subjects) and Master of IT (16 subjects) both include the option to specialise in Data Science and are accredited by the Australian Computer Society. Even if you haven’t studied IT before, these courses offer a route to postgraduate-level for students with diverse education backgrounds.

What can I do with a data science degree?

Companies in Australia, and globally, are looking for data scientists to solve their business challenges. After completing a postgraduate degree, you could go into senior positions such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Commercial analyst
  • IT manager
  • Data engineer
  • Database developer
  • Software engineer
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