The essence of home: Mohib’s story

01 May 2020
Students walking through campus

The days of lockdown are not easy. But on a positive note, I think deep down in our hearts we all love to stay home in our pyjamas and like to get started on our work without getting in the shower!

Remaining positive

The key to remaining positive and happy during these lockdown days is ‘time travel’. What I mean is, take yourself back to your childhood and think of it like the days of summer vacation during school – except we have got some homework to do on our laptops these days.

Feeling at home

To make my room more comfortable, I am trying to make it like the room I grew up in. I used to have multiple cushions and pillows on my bed, so I have got these now as well. My mother has a love for plants, and so I have got one for myself now to keep my focus.

The thing that gives me the most positivity is the reminder of being loved. So, I have put out gifts and cards that I’ve received before, and thinking about moments when I received them from friends and family makes me feel so good.

Keeping busy

In my spare time, I have arranged things such as my cupboard, old books, and have gotten rid of what I no longer need. The other fun thing I have around is these smiley squishy emoji balls. Aren’t emojis the greatest? A simple line ending with a smile makes the reader think I am happy, and these balls are the same, you juggle or play with them and it helps you to release stress.

I hope you might be able to try one or two things from it and make your room an enjoyable place to spend time these days.

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