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07 June 2017

Whether you are currently studying in Australia, or planning to come to Australia for postgraduate studies, you might be already be aware of the post-study work visa known as the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). This visa allows international students who have completed their university studies to extend their stay in Australia for up to 4 years and allows them to find valuable local work opportunities.

Two Year Study Requirement

To become eligible for the post study work visa, you will need to satisfy the Two Year Study Requirement. According to Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) Reg1.15F(1):

  • CRICOS registration: The courses completed must be on the approved list of courses for international students (CRICOS).
  • Two Academic Years: this is defined as being at least 92 weeks according to the CRICOS registration of the courses.
  • 16 Month Duration: the course must take at least 16 months of study in Australia from the beginning of the course till completion.

The 1.5 years master degree dilemma

We all know in most Australian universities, students need to complete 16 subjects in two years in order to obtain a postgraduate master’s degree. This means you will generally enrol in 4 subjects per semester. Some Australian universities offer 12 unit fast track postgraduate degrees, in the attempt to attract students who want to save money and time to complete their master degrees faster, however, there is a catch. Most of these 12 unit postgraduate courses are registered under CRICOS as 1.5 years courses only, as a result, many international students have to find another institution after completing the 1.5 years degree to make up another 6 months of study. Needless to say, this can be very stressful for international students, as they often end up paying a lot more in tuition, visa and agent fees, and have to study at two different institutions.

What makes CSU’s 12 unit master programs stand out?

CSU Study Centres is one of the only few institutions in Australia that offer 12 unit postgraduate degrees that are CRICOS registered as 2 years.

Our 12 unit postgraduate degree courses include:

So what are the benefits of studying 12 units over two years?

  • You only need to enrol in 3 units of study per semester
  • Lighter course load means more likelihood of passing and excelling in your studies
  • Less subjects means your degree costs less but you gain the exact same qualification!
  • More time for extracurricular activities outside of your classroom to gain practical work experience
  • Still makes you eligible to apply for the Post-Study Work Visa (458) and no need to add an extra 6 months to your study somewhere else.

If you are already studying at another university in Australia and are thinking of transferring to Charles Sturt University Study Centres, you are eligible for credit transfers too, which means your previous studies will be recognised and you won’t have to waste time repeating the subjects you have already completed.

All of our 12 unit postgraduate degrees at Charles Sturt University Study Centres are CRICOS registered.

Enquire about our 12- unit postgraduate degrees today!

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