‘University is an experience that prepares us for the future’: Dilmi’s story

24 August 2020
Melbourne student Dilmi

Dilmi graduated with the Master of Information Technology from Charles Sturt University Study Centres, Melbourne last year. In this blog she shares her story of university life, from where it all began, challenges along the way and her top tips for success. She’s now started her professional career in IT and we wish her every success!

Hello everyone, I’ve come to the end of my university life and I’d love to share my experience at Charles Sturt University Study Centres with you. I believe the best asset a university can have is the students’ voice.

How it all started

I first became a student of Charles Sturt University in March 2018, studying the Master of Information Technology at the Brisbane Study Centre. This was one of the greatest things I have ever done. Moving to Australia, meeting new friends, making memories and getting my degree was a huge achievement for me and my family. My graduation day in 2019 was one of my happiest ever, and working as a Student Ambassador has created many opportunities and experiences for me that I’ve absolutely loved.

The challenge

The moment I decided to come to Australia for higher studies was the exact moment I started to think how challenging it will be for me. My first day at the Brisbane Study Centre was super exciting. Joyce from the Academic Support team (still my favourite☺) was super helpful with everything, from my first day until my last day at the Study Centre. I didn’t feel like I was away from home for a second.

I moved to the Melbourne Study Centre after completing my first semester. With its glory and vibrant culture, I would say that Melbourne is a dream destination for international students.

The Study Centres

The best thing I’ve had during my studies was individual attention, feedback from my professors after assignments and the flexibility to communicate with them. I received practical advice and constant guidance throughout the entire period, it was fascinating. It clearly made the current version of me, a practical student, compared to the me back there in my home country. These are key to my success in graduating with a distinction.

Tips for you

University means not only getting a degree, but an experience that prepares us for the future. Therefore to get the most out of the university experience:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling.
  • Make use of the help your university offers.
  • Join the clubs and associations.
  • Believe in yourself, you can do it.
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