Master of Business Administration (MBA) (12 subjects)

Who's it for?

The 12-subject MBA is designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree and at least three years' relevant work experience.

What's involved?

You'll study 12 subjects across 18 months, including core, foundation and elective or specialism modules. Study topics include management, marketing, strategy and finance. You may choose to specialise in Finance, HR Management, IT or Marketing.

Why should you apply?

You will develop essential business skills, knowledge and experience on the CSU Study Centres MBA program to give you an advantage in business and industry.

Where can I study?

Sydney and Melbourne.

Entry Requirements

  • CSU requires an undergraduate degree from a recognised university or college or an international equivalent
  • You must complete the Professional Development subjects as part of your degree however you do not need work experience

You can enrol on the on CSU's Graduate Certificate of Commerce if you do not have a recognised postgraduate degree or bachelor's degree but have a lower-level qualification such as an associate degree or three-year diploma from China.

Three years work relevant expeirence is required if you are continuing on to the 12-subject MBA.

Completion of the CSU Master of Business or Master of Commerce with a maximum of 50% credit will make you eligible to enrol on the 16-subject MBA depending on the subjects you previously studied, should you not have previous work experience.

Application for the Master of Business or Master of Commerce will be available if you successfully complete the Graduate Certificate in Commerce or the Graduate Diploma of Commerce. Both cases will make you eligible for credit towards the Master of Business Administration.

English Language Requirements
Academic IELTS minimum overall score of 6.0, with no less than 6.0 in writing and no less than 5.5 across all other areas.

Find out more about our English language and academic entry requirements.


It is possible to receive credit for a maximum of 50% of the course for postgraduate qualifications completed in the past ten years. Undergraduate level subjects will not make you eligible for credit.

It is possible for you to complete two master's degrees, the Master of Business or Master of Commerce and the Master of Business Administration, within two years. You may get credit up to a maximum of 50% of the MBA program if you have been admitted to the MBA due to successful completion of the CSU Master of Business or Master of Commerce depending on the subjects studied and whether you have the relevant work experience required.


CSU Study Centres progression pathway chart for MBA programs

Course Structure

For students with previous work experience, the MBA requires passes in 12 subjects and takes 18 months to complete. The program lets you tailor your degree to suit your career aspirations. It comprises four core and four restricted elective subjects (Group A), plus a four-subject specialisation sequence or four restricted elective subjects (Group B).

Core Subjects
MBA504 Accounting and Financial Management
MKT501 Marketing Management
MBA504 Accounting and Financial Management

Plus one subject (Restricted Set A) from:
MGT510 Strategic Management
MGT537 Entrepreneurship Project

Restricted Elective Subjects (Set B): Students need to complete four subjects from:
ECO501 Business Economics
FIN516 Corporate Finance
HRM502 Human Resource Management
MGT536 Leadership - A Critical Perspective
MGT540 Management of Change
MGT553 Project Management OR ITC505 Project Management
MGT583 Managing for Sustainability

*If a subject completed as part of the restricted elective set is also a required subject in a specialisation, students must complete an additional restricted elective subject.

A subject cannot be counted toward both fields.


Accounting & Finance

Four subjects from:
ACC512 Management Accounting for Costs & Control
FIN518 International Financial Management
FIN530 Financial Markets and Instruments
FIN516 Financial Modelling
FIN560 Financial Planning

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Four subjects from:
MGT536 Leadership: A Critical Perspective
MKT520 Managing Product
MGT583 Managing for Sustainability
MKT525 Digital & Social Media Marketing
MGT553 Project Management OR ITC505 ICT Project Management

HR Management

Four subjects from:
HRM502 Human Resource Management
HRM514 International HRM
HRM516 International Management Behaviour
HRM528 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM560 Training and Development Environment

Information Technology

Four subjects from:
TC595 Information Security
ITC596 IT Risk Management
ITC561 Cloud Computing
ITC568 Cloud Security and Privacy
ITC563 IT Management issues
ITC560 Internet of Things
ITC505 ICT Project Management
ITC540 Telecommunications Management PG


Four subjects from:
MKT510 Consumer Behaviour
MKT520 Managing Product and Service Innovation
MKT525 Digital & Social Media Marketing
MKT540 Marketing Strategy
MKT550 Global Marketing
MKT570 Integrated Marketing Comms
MKT561 Services Marketing
MKT513 Social Marketing
MKT563 Big Data and Marketing Analytics

Stepan Syrkhaev
MBA Student

From: Russia
Degree: Master of Business Administration (Finance)

“I chose to study the Master of Business Administration (Finance) for several reasons: the rankings of Australian universities for Business (in particular MBA), good economic projections, great climate, favourable exchange rate AUD/USD and opportunities to travel. Straight after graduating from the university I got a job offer with the IT department of a bank in Sydney. I work as an IT Engineer for HSBC Bank Australia.”