Information for domestic students

If you are a domestic student looking to study at our Melbourne Study Centre, you are eligible for the Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) support. Our team at the CSU Melbourne Study Centre, supported by CSU Administration, looks after all your course administration needs throughout your study with us. Please use the information on this page as a guide to start your student journey with us.

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The CSU Study Centre in Melbourne operates its own orientation for all CSU CSP students studying on-campus in Melbourne. The Study Centre is located at 30 Church Lane, Melbourne (which is a laneway next to 505 Little Collins St in the city centre). 

The orientation for CSP students commencing at the Melbourne Study Centre in July 2017 will be held during the week 17-20 July on campus. We will update this webpage soon to advise the exact date/s and times for CSP students.

It is very important that you attend this orientation program to ensure that you are well inducted into your course of study, meet key staff and get familiar with the layout of the Study Centre.

Note this orientation does not apply to CSU students studying by distance education in Melbourne. Please contact CSU Student Central directly for details.

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Commonwealth Assistance (HELP) for your studies

If you are studying at the Melbourne CSU Study Centre as a domestic student, you would have been offered a Commonwealth supported place (CSP). A Commonwealth supported place is substantially subsidised by the Australian Government so that students are only required to pay ‘student contribution’ amounts for their units of study.

Eligible CSP student who wishes to defer their student contribution amount can receive a HECS-HELP loan from the government. HECS-HELP information for CSP students is available here.

If you did not submit a Commonwealth Assistance form (eCAF - electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) as part of accepting online you can go to the via the Commonwealth Assistance page and complete one now. If you would prefer to submit a paper form then please contact Student Central on 1800 275 278

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Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The Student Services and Amenities Fee provides universities with the means to maintain and enhance services and amenities that support a wide range of student needs. The funds contribute to the maintenance and ongoing development of essential services and amenities for students, both on and off campus without the need to reduce funding for teaching and research.

See Student Services and Amenities Fees for full details on who is liable, how to pay or defer payment and how the SSAF is being used.

Find more information about Fees and Finance

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CSU Card

You need a CSU Card to access on campus facilities but also to access the Library (even from a distance) and as identification for exams. Make sure you have your photo taken and ID collected during orientation at the Melbourne Study Centre

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Your subject enrolment

Now that you’ve accepted a place in a CSU course, you must also ensure that you are enrolled in subjects for each session. You may have already been automatically enrolled in subjects for your first session of study (these subjects would have been listed on Page 4 of your offer letter), but you should check using Student Admin Online and make any changes as necessary.

At the Melbourne Study Centre, all students have a course plan completed by a designated Course Coordinator, and this applies to domestic students. We provide you with a study plan to ensure that you complete the right subjects in the right order, and your plan takes into account your completion time, regardless if you are a full-time or part-time student (for domestic students the choice is yours),

You can check your course structure in the Handbook. The course structure will show the subject enrolment pattern and guide any amendments to your enrolment.

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Important Dates

All important dates are listed in the Student Calendar. Please note that for July session CSU Study Centre dates are as follows

Census Date – on this day, during each session a snapshot is taken of all student enrolments. It is the cut-off date for you to make changes to your enrolment. At this point you will incur a financial liability for all subjects in which you are enrolled, 

Session dates, key enrolment dates and due dates for fees as well as exam periods and graduation dates are all listed in the Student calendar.

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Class Timetables are made available about a month prior to the start of each session and are available online. New students will receive their timetable as part of the orientation process.

Draft Exam Timetables are published 8 weeks prior to that session’s exam period. Final Exam Timetables are published about 6 weeks prior to the exam period. Messages about Exam Timetables are sent to your Message Centre.

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Official Communications

We send any official communications to you via your Message Centre. They will be shown as ‘Critical’ message and marked in the Source column as “E-Box”. Messages such as enrolment, exam, graduation notices as well as Commonwealth Assistance Notices (HECS-Help Statements) and any other financial invoices are sent to your Message Centre.

It is strongly recommended you check your Message Centre regularly.

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Your contact details - including emergency contact information

We will usually contact you by email or phone so it is important that you maintain current contact details with us - address, phone, email and emergency contact information.

Go to Student Admin Online and check your name, address and phone details are accurate and current.

You also need to add your Emergency Contact details for use in an emergency situation. You should regularly review the information held and update it as soon as there is any change.

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Student Central

Student Central is your one stop shop for all your queries while you're at CSU. They have a physical space on most campuses and you can contact them by phone or email. We also have a great facility where you can search our knowledge base for answers to your questions.

Remember, when all else fails, when you just can't find the answer you're looking for or the help you need you can always AskCSU! Even if you can’t obtain the answer you need immediately, you can ask us a question online and we’ll find it for you. Don’t just give up – avoid the queue, and AskCSU!

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Your student mentor

CSU domestic (CSP) students at Melbourne also have access to a student mentor, it is someone who can either resolve your queries or direct you to the appropriate person at the Study Centre. He/She is here to ensure you have the best possible support and guidance during your studies at the Melbourne Study Centre.

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